Female-Dominated Environment

One more thing for tonight.

I’m studying international development, and for my class, this concentration has been dominated by females. There are maybe four other guys studying it.

I’ve had a lot of female bosses in various disciplines (web design, the Army, USAID), so I’m used to it. It has benefits and drawbacks. Usually women tend to be more engaged in tasks than men do. Women are more studious and more detail-oriented. Men tend to get bored easily and drift about. That’s really all I should say on that topic.

I have a class on small-medium enterprise which has a few guys in it but is still female-dominated.

Last year I went on a ski trip with all women, except for my friend’s dad. Very bizarre — I think we just ceded our opinions to the girls on that one.

I go to yoga with my friend and I’m typically the only guy there except for a few random guys who are mostly gay. So I’m in all black and have tattoos and a beard.

I have a workshop on managing development in which I’m the only guy out of maybe 15 people. Our professor is a female. Her guest speakers have been all females so far. The other week we had a class on gender roles in project design. I told the class I was going to keep my mouth shut.

This has been nothing but a continuous source of amusement for my classmates.

To be honest I think a development strategy, as Muhammad Yunus and Grameen have been doing, focused on developing plans around the women in society is sound. Women have innate responsibility and control in communities, even in Muslim ones, so they tend to be more reliable even if legally or culturally speaking they are not empowered.

Anyway I guess I’m pointing this out because I think it’s interesting to note the changes going on in my life experiences. I spent five years in the Army which was extremely male-dominated and now I’m on the other side.

The good part is that I’ve succeeded in both environments. Bottom line is to make a lot of money as a result of helping people. Hopefully this process will help me get there, no matter who I have to work with. As all startup literature says, the most important thing is to have the smartest team you can find.