MonkeyPope Archives: Stilton Camembert, Esq. on “Theme Rap for When Me and Obi-Wan Kick Some Zombie Ass”, 09 Mar 09

[I have a friend who is an amazing writer but he tends to abandon his writing projects often. I wanted to save his writings for posterity and make them more widely available.  The MonkeyPope Archives contain his collected works.  Stilton Camembert, Esq. is a character of his who lives in modern-day but was forged in the chauvenism of the turn of last century.]

Stilton Camembert, Esq.

March 9, 2009

Theme Rap for When Me and Obi-wan Kick Some Zombie Ass

Hold up, Obi-wan
let me grab my gun
oh shit, here they come!
I’ll kill em one-by-one
you pull some jedi tricks
do some cool ass kicks
they be suckin your jedi dick
damn, your moves are slick
you’re are only hope
cuz your moves are so dope
you’re more badass than the pope
can’t even fucking cope
the living dead think they bad
think the living have been had
but you know it’s kinda sad
chopped up cuz my jedi’s kinda mad
and don’t play me like a chump
I kill em like they forrest gump
piles of bloody stumps
and my hair’s still perfect like the Trump
So when judgment day comes
and you all bumming like fucking bums
me and my jedi gonna come get some
ain’t got nowhere left to run
Stay fresh, motherfuckas!