MonkeyPope Archives: Stilton Camembert, Esq. on “My Wife Discriminates Unfairly”, 25 Mar 09

[I have a friend who is an amazing writer but he tends to abandon his writing projects often. I wanted to save his writings for posterity and make them more widely available.  The MonkeyPope Archives contain his collected works.  Stilton Camembert, Esq. is a character of his who lives in modern-day but was forged in the chauvenism of the turn of last century.]

Stilton Camembert, Esq.

March 25, 2009

My Wife Discriminates Unfairly

Of late, Madge has been attempting to occupy my waning interest with talk of politics. Ludicrous. Apparently there is some hullabaloo regarding our new President of color. Seems to be the talk of her social circle, as if it is some great scandal. Really, I see no issue whatsoever. He seems a fine and capable man for such a position. Why would color matter in the least for political office? It has no bearing on his ability to ostensibly govern or to control the legislative bodies. After all, the President is the President, whatever color he/she may be.
Now if this President Obama were to amass a wealth on par with those of yesteryear, say that of Rockefeller, Hearst, or Carnegie, or even this nouveau riche Gates I’ve heard about, then of course that would be a reason for concern. Such a situation would be naturally unacceptable. But as it stands, he is merely the President.
And yes, I have heard of ‘Oprah.’ And she is fabulously wealthy. In fact, she’s had the pleasure of conversing with me at more than one cocktail party. I am quite fond of her, but I must set the record straight. I assure you, good reader, she is not black. It is a ruse…a ruse for rubes!
Still, it pains me to know that my wife has such misguided bias. Why can’t she share the enlightened view that color matters not in politics? Regardless of race, religion, color or creed, a politician is utterly useless. It is the giants of industry that pull all the strings and these politicians are the marionettes.
I hope in the least that my view of the matter has assisted your understanding, good reader, as I can not reconcile Madge’s perspective. Until next time, I am Stilton Camembert.