MonkeyPope Archives: Stilton Camembert, Esq. on “Episodic Madge”, 22 Jun 09

[I have a friend who is an amazing writer but he tends to abandon his writing projects often. I wanted to save his writings for posterity and make them more widely available.  The MonkeyPope Archives contain his collected works.]


Stilton Camembert, Esq.

June 22, 2009

Episodic Madge

Eventually all of our inequities lay barren under the midday sun…and such it comes that I must speak of Madge’s. Dear gentle reader, is it my fault that I endeavor to maintain this veneer of nigh perfection for your sake? What would the lower classes aspire to if they ever knew that we too are beset with issues, albeit none pertaining to financial clemency or a dearth of education? What I speak of so circumspectly — my poor Madge had another one of her episodes. For some time now, she has been prone to these paroxysms of idiocy, as I call them. Speaks utter nonsense, issues dares that are not in the least daring, giggles incessantly, claims that ‘there may be more than all this’ with a dismissive wag of her finger and roll of her eyes, ad nauseam. The family and I felt we had little choice but to have her committed.
We found a lovely sanitarium in the Swiss Alps for her and I have been sojourning in a rustic cabin on the lake while awaiting her recovery, with a few trips to Monaco to enliven my mood. Switzerland can be so dreary.
Thus I have lacked opportunity to update this internet’s blog and the few opportunities I had, it would have been impertinent of me to have discussed the situation in detail. However, now I’ve come to believe that possibly the opprobrium of your class may be the only thing to shame my poor Madge back to her former glory. I would do almost anything for her, within acceptable limits.
Dear reader, please wish her a genuine and speedy recovery, as I wish your economy the same.
As the Swiss say…well, I don’t really talk much to the Swiss to be truthful. I mean, they’re Swiss. So I will have to say in my native and infinitely better tongue than theirs, until next time, I remain faithfully yours.