“Brown & Yellow Rice” – Lou Dubbs & DJ Industrial Average

Now that I’m not in a full-time job anymore, I’m clearing up some old to-do list items.

First.  Me and my buddy decided to make a YouTube playlist of songs we thing would make good party music.  My usual name for releasing music mixes is DJ Industrial Average.  He chose Lou Dubbs, I think because at the time Lou Dobbs was leaving CNN after all the anti-immigration BS.  Our mixtape playlist name?  “Brown and Yellow Rice” (he’s Indian, I’m part Chinese).  Enjoy.

I also made a posterous account to dump images I’ve created or ones that are hard to find on the internet.

Wordle cloud of my Kindle highlights

Finally, here are my most recent Amazon Kindle highlights.  Suggestions for what to do with them to make them more accessible?  A lot of great quotes and content in there…

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