The MonkeyPope Archives

My good friend is a brilliant writer, up there with Chuck Palahniuk and Chuck Klosterman in terms of modern men’s writing.  He’s created several blogs but he abandons them pretty quickly after some wonderful posts.  His emails are amazing, probably shareable mostly only to their original intended recipients.  But I wanted to save them and make them public.  I believe he could be a successful writer one day.  At any rate, one of the most talented writers I’ve ever read.

So I’ve put his works on my blog so that they’d stay on the net longer.  I put them under the MonkeyPope Archives category.  My favorites are his post on his final week of Airborne School, and his ridiculous résumé for Stilton Camembert, Esq., a chauvenistic modern-day elite gentleman who has turn-of-the-20th-century manners.

This guy is seriously good.  His name is MonkeyPope.