PComp: Multimeters

For PComp class, I read Norretranders’ The User Illusion, Chapter 6: The Bandwidth of Consciousness.  A good reference for research into how much bandwidth our consciousness has.  While our senses can take in a lot of data, we can only perceptualize a very small amount of it, perhaps 45 bits/second when just reading, much lower for other activities.  This is interesting to me because clearly there are some people who cannot process more than one task without freaking out and freezing up, while others can handle a ton of data.  Different people have different pipes for bandwidth.  I also think difficult training and experience can give one fatter bandwidth pipes, but I’d say most of it is probably dependent on childhood behavior and habits and learned behavior from parents, and not so much from lack of training.  Nervouswrecks stay that way most of their lives.

The lab this week was intended to teach us how to use multimeters between different connections on a circuit.

There is not much to show except for my breadboard layouts for each part of the lab.  Below the jump.

A single LED:


My test with two LEDs was not pictured, the first getting 1.8V, the second measuring at 1.6V.  The resistor measured 1.47V.

Three LEDs in series.  1.6V, 1.4V, and 1.58V.  For some reason the last LED did not light although it measured 1.58V.

Three LEDs in parallel.  They all measured 1.6V.

Switches in parallel:

Switches in serial: