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Our first class of comm lab: web.  We went over some HTML and forms.  Our homework was to produce two documents, one with a recipe, and the other with a basic email form.  I have a feeling we’ll be building upon these documents since we were told to mark them up clearly and as much as possible.  This will make styling easier once we start doing some CSS.  I went ahead and added more IDs and classes, and threw in some jQuery as well for the form validation.  The documents are valid under HTML5.

My recipe page, I wanted to make a recipe for making “A Good Human”.  A flawed recipe I’m sure, but it’s good enough for now.  Hoping it may tie into at some point.

My email form was a preview for something I’m hoping to generate through the course of the class, ProbablyGonna.  One thing I hate is being out on the town but finishing early, and wanting to still go out and have more fun.  I know some friends are out and about, but it’s too hard at some point to meet up with people once they’re already having fun.  So I wanted to make a service that lets you put what you’re probably gonna do.

Like, you might be, “I’m probably gonna go dancing this Saturday in Adams Morgan, so if anyone’s in the area…”  Or, “I’m probably gonna go hiking some weekend, is anyone possibly down?”  The person who opens the ProbablyGonna item is the pioneer of fun.  But the pioneer always needs the validators, the next few who make the event a “go”.  Then everyone else piles on.  But you need the initial sparks, and you need to nurture the kindling until it catches fire.

The thing is, with events, most people don’t plan well in advance.  Facebook has events and our email gets spammed with e-vites, but really, don’t you just end up at 4PM on Friday or Saturday wondering what the hell you really want to do?

Most plans happen at the last minute.  Some even happen on the fly, when you’re in the area.  Who has enough active friends on Foursquare to use it to locate a place nearby to go?  Who checks in regularly on Foursquare?

It’d be nice if someone puts out an open invite for friends (or even strangers) to converge on one spot — at their own leisure.  This also gives context to a location’s events during a specific time.  Look, there are these parties going on at this venue; once you get there of course, the parties dissolve into one mass of people enjoying the location. (it would be nice to have a site where you could do wrap-ups of how cool a party was the night before and what cool stories happened that you just HAVE to tell)

I want to do this because I hate when people blow their Friday and Saturday nights not knowing where the fun is.  I want to do this because I think it’d be cool to have a job where you just ensure that people attend one kickass party that they’ll talk about forever.

So with ProbablyGonna, you just need to enter in a rough when/where/activity entry, and see if others will join.

I’m also thinking there’ll be reputations, developed over time, with how reliable someone is for actually making an event happen after declaring it on ProbablyGonna.  That is, if someone posts 5 invites but bails on all 5, he’ll get a 0% reputation, whereas someone who’s solid will signal to others that it’s safe to make the trek to that venue because the host is definitely going to have made it happen.

So this is what I’ll be working on, hopefully in Sinatra/Ruby, so I can learn those languages.  If those don’t work out, I’ll switch back to PHP.

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