Dynamic Web Dev Week #4 Homework: Karaoke Flow

My Karaoke Flow project has now been moved over to Node.js Express.  What a joy!  Express is like a beautiful JavaScripty version of Sinatra for Ruby.  And then installing the node module nodemon is a perfect substitute for shotgun on Sinatra.  This stuff makes webdev exciting again!

I upped the new code to github, which is using a few views to display the (so far minimal) code and templated structure.  I’ve also deployed the app to heroku; you can see it at http://karaokeflow.herokuapp.com/ but nothing’s really working there yet since we haven’t learned how to hook into MongoDB yet.

Here’s some screens of the app now:

Next steps: set up the MongoDB structure, hook into it, and figure out a way to implement a timer that starts once someone creates a flow.  Then people need to be able to join that flow and everyone needs to be on the same timer.  I’m not sure how this will work — maybe I’ll just scale it back for now.  I’d also like to have random hiphop beats playing while people come up with their flows.  The production side, once someone starts performing — this will have to come at the late stages, if it’s possible.

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