Breakout Glitch

Our task in Glitch this week was to glitch Steph Thirion‘s Breakout code written in Processing, using an hour to see what we could come up with.

Here’s a vid of Super-Breakout:

My result:

I didn’t feel like it was destructive or additive; mainly I was just tweaking values with randomization, and then rotated it a bit, which would need further tweaking to have more of it on-screen.

Github gist:

Though I did find this pretty cool glitchiness written in Processing, by Amnon:

We had another assignment, which was to post screenshots of our crash reports. ¬†Here’s mine, from doing my Java homework in Eclipse (I think I had an infinite loop going or something):

And finally, my girlfriend tried to take a photo using her phone’s front-facing camera, but this kept happening: